Abalone: Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club August 2015

I spin up monthly spoiler samples of the Spunky Eclectic fiber club for its Ravelry group, then post my pictures here publicly here the following month! Learn more about the Spunky Club here. Last month’s samples

Luxury Month!

Wool/silk blends and overdyed humbug blends are two spinning loves of mine, so this Merino/black silk blend is a favorite. My 8 oz will all be spun up as lace and I’ll make a big shawl with it, eventually.

I made a little one ounce sample: about 242 yards. The yarn is a 2 ply, about 3,520 yards per pound.

20118695964_844930df46_o 20553321920_b95ab8f6db_o 20554779499_4670ab6675_o 20748212221_b7cfdc7a48_o

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  1. Amazing! just beautiful, it makes me think about sea glass among other things…


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