Fascination Street

I love that Lisa of Northbound Knitting often concocts club colorways around song titles!

I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of the June 2013 Fiber Club offerings, and I still have 3 ounces of the semisolid club left to spin.

My gradient club spin became the yoke and corrugated ribbing of my Drangey.

I used an ounce of the classic club for a combospin that became one of my favorite pair of stripey socks.

I mined my classic braid for the yellow to finish up the cuffs on Drangey, so this spin is the classic braid, minus the yellow, plus an ounce of Disintegration, the semisolid offering, which was the moodiest of dirty aquas.

The fiber is humbug Finnish–Lisa sources the best fiber bases. Finn is a solid, all around wool that’s up for anything. I always love an overdyed humbug base–it adds lots of depth and interest. Kind of perfect for a Cure themed month. Spin stats are on Ravelry here.

I’m not sure if this skein will get listed in my shiny new etsy shop of handspun and handspun/handknit items, which is still in soft opening mode right now while I produce stock, or if I’ll keep it for myself. I need to get better at letting go!

9068710972_dda26143da_o 19674455193_26ff95cce0_o 20107387860_e8e77a3bba_o

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