Caribou: July 2015 Spunky Club

It’s a gradient.
It’s in neutral.
I’m in love!

My day to day wardrobe is black and gray and my knitting skews to the moody or colorful, especially with socks and accessories. I usually buy rather than make items in neutral colors–but this spin…I knew immediately that I wanted a big, textured scarf-y wrap that I could wear this fall (or winter, or whatever is leather jacket weather in Atlanta) with my favorite Topshop Rick Owens knockoff leather jacket that I’ve had for years.

This was the Spunky Eclectic fiber club offering for July. Amy’s been killing it this year–I love each month’s wool more than the one before!

The yarn is Superwash Targhee–sproingy, lofty, and lively. I made a sportweight 2 ply.

What are your favorite fiber clubs? Any favorite club spins?

My last Spunky Club post: March-May 201519928228386_bf031010b7_o 19767716009_8224a0891c_o 19767703979_9238fd6150_o 19333411983_925b11c97e_o 19331744374_2b45ec291d_o CaribouWrap. It looks like I skipped a month–I’ll make it up to you soon!


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  1. I adore the colors! They really are to die for and you spin them up beautifully


  2. This is lovely! I could almost be inspired enough to start spinning if I could produce something this lovely 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest of the skein knit up. I know it will be gorgeous!


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