Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 9: First Glance Favorites

I’m back, after a bit of a post-move hiatus. More on that later, it’s surreal to be in hot Atlanta looking at images of flooded Portland, Maine. My wool (and the rest of my stuff) is still in a POD on the other side of the city and David, Dash, and I are camped out in my  lovely in-laws’ TV room while we find a place to live that we like and I find a day job.

I brought my wheel, disassembled in a big suitcase it made the trip safely, and have wool to distract me from the day-to-day stuff. Summer is high spinning and knitting season in the South because of the frigid air conditioning–a welcome surprise! The two handspun shawls I brought with me are getting a lot of indoor wear–when I was packing, I waffled on bringing shawls as I rarely wore them in the summer in Maine.

Bristol Ivy’s Yeats-inspired Gyre, from BT’s Wool People 9, would be a welcome addition to my collection. I love the modern use of hex mesh, one of my favorite stitch patterns, and the large scale spiral/starburst patterning.


Koto, by Olga Buraya-Kefelian is another I’d love to knit. The ring collar, the welts, the shape, the garter ridges. A modern/futuristic sweater in rustic yarn is one of my strong knitting preferences (see Drangey). I’d love to find a light grey Shetland fleece for Koto.


What are your favorites from WP 9? Do you knit or spin when it’s hot outside?

Photos in this post © Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed.


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  1. Light grey Shetland, did you say? 🙂


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