January 2015 Spunky Club Samples: snowpocalypse skiff


My January Spunky Club spinning samples were quickly knit into a Skiff, from Brooklyn Tweed’s Fall 2014 collection, and it’s been the perfect hat for the unrelenting stream of snowstorms and single digit and colder weather we’ve been experiencing in Maine.

The double brim, the cozy, squishy Targhee, the aqua and black with bits of hazy untraviolet–

The pattern is thoughtfully crafted–using 4 needle sizes to achieve its fit goals–the foldover ribbing is puffy and squishy, the inner ribbing hugs your head–and there’s a lot of slouch with a framework of cables and diamonds in the body of the hat. And a wee pom pom.

And my favorite tubular cast on–a variation on Catherine Lowe’s Italian Tubular Cast On that orients the stitches for 2×2 ribbing. Perfect.

I love my aqua handspun version, but I’ll probably knit myself one in something naturally colored, too–I some undyed, oatmeal Nanne Kennedy yarn that’d be Maine-y and rustic.

Yarn details: Spunky Eclectic January 2015 Spunky Club
The fiber was really, really nice Targhee.
I made a semiwoolen spun, 2 ply Worsted weight yarn and ended up with 298 yards/4.05 ounces. The hat used all but 4 ounces of yarn.

ravelled here.

If you’re a New Englander, I hope I’ll run into you at NETA’s SPA in Freeport, Maine this weekend!

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  1. I love your hat! This was a wonderful colorway. Made me wish I was in club still.


  2. beautiful handspun & hat!


  3. GORGEOUS! I absolutely love seeing projects from roving to finished work. This is inspiring and incredible 🙂


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