Follow Your Arrow Two: vulpes, vulpes

I love mystery knitting: the communal act of knitting a surprise project, along with a couple thousand people worldwide, illustrates so many of the things I love about being a spinner and a knitter during Internet times: so many strikingly different garments made from the same source pattern–the possibilities! And the community that pops up from the act of knitting together on Instagram and Ravelry is inspiring.

I’m often a fail at finishing mysteries along with the pack, but this time I busted it out, taking advantage of a couple snow days to finish up my knitting.

Ysolda’s Follow Your Arrow Two pattern is a pick-a-path-style knitalong, supplying knitters with two clues for each of the five weekly pattern dispatches. I went with BABAB.

I love how the garter stitch motifs pair with my neutral and orange handspun, handpainted Targhee. The feel of the yarn is so squishy and cozy, while striking a balance between the hazy bands of color and good stitch definition for the textured and lace motifs–

The details:

Follow Your Arrow #2 from ysolda teague, knit in handspun Targhee from the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club in Vulpes, Vulpes. With a little leftover white handspun Cormo striped in when I ran out of yarn.

Ravelled here.

My handspun was a 2 ply light fingering weight. I used 583 yards of the Targhee and 36 yards of the Cormo: 619 yards, 4.15 oz of yarn. FollowYourArrow FYA2_Clue2 FYA2_clue4_4 FYA2_1 FYA2_1_9 FYA2_1_8 FYA2_1_7 FYA2_1_5 FYA2_1_4 FYA2_1_3 FYA2_1_2





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