30socks: Spirograph Boot Socks.

I wear lots of big socks this time of year. Over my pantlegs, peeking out of Bean boots–keeping out the snow and road slush.

Spirograph socks are the start of an effort to write up what I like best about simple boot socks: A tall leg, ribbing that is snug to keep out snow and wind, but not too tight, a solid and supportive heel that won’t slip around, a toe without too much extra bulk. Unfussy. Which, of course, takes a lot of thoughtful engineering.

The socks are knit up in my handspun Hello Yarn Falkland–which seems like it’s going to wear well. More technical details are on Ravelry here.

This is the fifth pair of socks in my 30socks project to knit myself 30 pair of socks–the fourth pair is finished but not photographed yet–soon!

SpirographSocks SpirographSocks-3 SpirographSocks-4 SpirographSocks-5 SpirographSocks-7 SpirographSocks-8 SpirographSocks-11 SpirographSocks-10












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