wovember spinning

I’m still in post midterm election malaise mode in Maine this week, like many people in my home state. Wovember spinning is a welcome opportunity to reset and be productive.

While the Wovember team is British, I’m keeping it local to me and am spinning up a sweaters worth of two colors of Icelandic wool, raised at Applegrass Farms in Cumberland. My Ravelry details are here.

I have enough wool for a yoked sweater. A Lopapeysa with Maine roots. I pass the Eimskip terminal on the Portland waterfront often and think about this new Maine/Iceland connection every time. I’m sketching up ideas inspired by shipping containers, the North Atlantic, and life in a cold climate.

If you’re interested, I purchased the roving at PortFiber, my awesome LSS in Portland. Casey has a ton of local wool roving in the shop right now–all exceptionally well prepped. Naturally colored wools are my favorite–I like to keep a variety of the colored stuff on hand. For more instant gratification, Applegrass Farms has the same wool spun up Lopi style as a worsted weight single in their shop. Four beautiful, natural colors. (This isn’t a sponsored post of any sort–I’m just really in love with both the wool and the prep!)

What about you? Are you wearing/working with lots of wool during Wovember?










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