Fall is for knitters: a look at new patterns

Yesterday, my 39th birthday (!!–next year I’m going for custom leather pants and a trip to Iceland…), was Brooklyn Tweed Fall collection launch day!

Naturally, I spent the morning laying around drinking an Americano and looking at cable knits. I was planning on posting yesterday, all timely and stuff, but my partner bailed on work early to grill me up a Stilton burger as a birthday treat, so I got sidetracked by stinky cheese and in-season tomatoes.

The collection is a good onramp to fall in the Northeast–a fisherman sweater-inspired collection reinforcing BT’s classics with a twist approach to knitwear. Yesterday evening was cool enough for a sweater and I spent overmuch time picking one out from my sweater chest. My favorite time of year. More on the sweater chest later. Susan B. Anderson’s #projectsweaterchest is inspiring. Sweater knitting shouldn’t be scary for knitters.

Here’s my top five from the BT Fall Collection, at first look and in no particular order, with sweater spinning in mind. Pics © Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood:

Spinnaker. I love a spine cable–and Avery’s horseshoe cable version here has the ideal texture. There’s a cable spine on the Brandied Cherry sample I knit for Thea Colman last summer and I must have taken 100 pictures of it.

Rowe. I love knitting this Celtic-y type of cabling, and I have a Shaela colored Shetland fleece that’d be perfect…

Ludlow. Samplers of any sort are fun to knit.

Docklight. Fisherman’s Rib.

Hawser. Double moss stitch and cables–the strong patterning and swingy, modified drop shoulder shape make it a good choice for handpainted handspun.

I’ve also digested Gudrun Johnston’s Shetland Trader Book II, in preorder now and available in October, and want to knit up Northdale as is–the BT Loft Button Jar, Faded Quilt, and Sap colorway is perfect. Photo © Gudrun Johnston/Cathy Cadigan.


Have you started knitting for fall yet? Any patterns you’ve fallen for?


Add yours →

  1. Some lovely pictures of gorgeous patterns! The colours are rustic and autumnal.


  2. Oh, I’ve been knitting for fall since July 31 with Shannon’s Summer Sweater Knit Along. I’m nearly done my sweater, a stranded pullover from Amy Christoffer’s new book. I’m totally excited about Gudrun’s Northdale, too!


  3. I too am knitting from Brooklyn Tweed this fall – working on Hugo for my hubby. Back’s almost finished. It’s a lovely knit…


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