Sweater Diary: Combospun Bedford

Textured sweaters—I want all of them. While knitting on my Bedford I’m thinking about the pullovers I’ll knit in the future.

Pineapple stitch and Quince and Co. Osprey? In Slate or Peacock if I’m feeling moody. Or Belize as an antidote to stark winter days.

Or treating myself to a Jill Draper Empire Mega skein for my upcoming birthday and knitting it up in double seed stitch.

So many possibilities. I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about sweaters. Have you seen my Pinterest board about knits?

This sweater spin/knit was inspired by trying on loads of big, wooly, and textured Acne and Humanoid sweaters at a boutique in Portland a couple winters ago but feeling a bit sheepish about buying a garment that would be so easy to knit.

I wanted a sweater that’d be as logical to wear shoveling my driveway as it would be going out for dinner and drinks. Because in Maine that still requires layers. And nothing too fussy, soft, or pilly. We’ll see how the winter goes, but I think this’ll work out well.

The yarn is a 3 ply combo spin, one ply each of handpainted Swaledale from Spunky Eclectic paired with mixed BFL and organic Polwarth from a now-defunct dyer. There’s some kemp from the ply of Swaledale–adding a bit of pleasant crunch. Overall, it’s squishy, wooly, and and interesting.

The kemp is shedding as I knit–I have to work with a big tea towel on my lap to catch the mess. But I think it’ll be like a new rug–the shedding will stop once the product has exhausted all the mess not trapped in the ply or knitting. Nothing a clothing brush and a lint roller can’t remedy.

The spin was inspired by the colors in the Swaledale—faded, moody, and New England-y, without having a lobster claw or seagulls in flight branded onto it…

Unfortunately I ran out of yarn. I’m thankful I kept good spinning notes (this is not always the case…) and can make more yarn easily once the fiber I scored in a destash arrives.

How about you? Has fall nesting/knitting started for you yet?







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  1. Your sweater is looking great. I would’ve never imagined that a 3 ply from those fibers would create such a lovely yarn for a sweater! Well done — notes and all 🙂


  2. Gorgeous! I love the variety of colours. I’m new to spinning, but this is so inspiring to see 😉


  3. This is *so* beautiful. Looking forward to see the FO 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous, Tracey!


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