happy accidents

    Confession: Historically I haven’t loved knitting with singles yarn.

    In my early days as a knitter I knit a big red sweater in a soft singles yarn, which was kitten soft and in a beautiful color–but looked sad and pilly while I was still knitting on it. It just wasn’t my thing.

    But I’m changing my mind.

    I like singles in sturdier wools, apparently. Knitting my favorite sweater of last winter (still unblogged–how did I manage that?) in Lettlopi, along with a tunic dress I’m working on in Cottage Crafts 1 Ply, the oldest yarn in my stash, are winning me over.

    The new preference is creeping into my spinning, of course.

    For July’s Spunky Club sample, some of the nicest BFL top I’ve been lucky enough to handle, I spun up a light fingering weight single that I felted lightly. Very pretty! As a soft longwool, I think the BFL will hold up to wear pretty well, too.

    How do you feel about spinning or knitting with singles??









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