sweater story: rook

A new everyday, handspun sweater: Rook, by Kyoko Nakayoshi, from Brooklyn Tweed Wool People vol. 6, with striping from Amy King’s Less is More, from knitty. I’m looking forward to snuggling up with this one!

I have a couple more sweaters that only need one sleeve knit, too, so more pullovers to come. I’m nesting for fall–the weather hasn’t been very warm in Portland lately, tho. I’ve needed a lighter weight wooly in the evenings.

I started this sweater for an S/KAL in the Spunky Eclectic Rav group, but was late in finishing up.
The fibers are Hello Yarn Corriedale in Ominous Laments, HY Grey Shetland in Dark and Stormy, Spunky Eclectic Fawn Corriedale in Ashes to Dust and Spunky Eclectic BFL in French Alpine. My color concept was to start with Ominous Laments and remove the color slowly. I particularly love the lavender stripe in the collar, which I almost frogged and restarted because I thought it might be too flash.

I chose Rook for my yarn because of the circular yoke and the way the cables were executed. I love seed stitch in handspun handpainted yarn, especially in randomly spun 2 ply–so many colors of seeds! The cable setup approach makes the panels dimensional enough to stand out, even with all the color going on. A smart and thoughtful pattern.

Project deets are here. While my yarn needs were surprisingly spot on with pattern recommendations–I used about 1,060 yards of yarn for my size 38 3/4″ sweater and the pattern recommends 1,100–color usage came out differently than I initially estimated to get the color distributed the way I wanted it. To start, I spun up a 4 oz braid of each fiber. I ended up needing about 5+ oz each of the middle colors–Ashes to Dust and Dark and Stormy and had over an ounce left of the top and bottom colors–Ominous Laments and French Alpine.

David and I shot this sweater yesterday at Mackworth Island–which somehow still manages to be off the Maine tourist radar. There was a lot of fresh erosion and rain damage from the recent crazy rain storm that dumped between 6 and 8 inches of rain on the Portland area in a couple hours. Very sad to see, as the island is still being actively rehabbed from winter storms.

Are you getting any sweater WIPs finished for fall? LMK!

My last sweater story, Drangey–this one only has a sleeve and very minimal finishing left. Maybe next week…
























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  1. Recombinant DNA August 16, 2014 — 1:37 pm

    Wow, this is gorgeous and very inspiring! I love your choices in color combination. ONE of these days, I will finally try my hand at spinning for a sweater.


  2. This is the coolest project and is really an inspiration to me, especially the idea of combining fiber braids. Nice work!


  3. That’s really awesome! I love the idea to spind the yarn and make a pullover from it! Really like the combination of the colors and the cables!



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