moon and stars

Moon & Stars–a puffy double garter stitch moon surrounded by 2 different Estonian star stitch patterns and a wide, double garter border. The shawl manages to be both whimsical, with the stylized night sky captured in a half moon shawl, and pared down-modern. Style-wise, at least in tone, it evokes my fellow Mainer and textile designer Angela Adams to me, whose work is also both modern and whimsical without being cloyingly sweet.

Shui Kuen Kozinski’s pattern for Wool People 5 is knitterly–for a shawl with so much Estonian stitch acrobatics and a 400+ row double garter border, it flew off my needles (which was good as my deadline was pretty tight as it was for a Ravelry swap…). In part, because of a few simple techniques: the puffy double garter stitch uses 2 balls of yarn–no purling, and the Estonian stitch motifs use 2 different needle sizes to make knitting the 5 into 5 and 3 into 5 stitches faster to knit. Very smart.

I regret not moving the blue tarp for pictures, but I was on someone else’s land and was wary of critters–

The fiber is Corriepaca (there’s no undyed in the shop right now), a custom 80% Corriedale/20% Alpaca blend for Spunky Eclectic that I kettle dyed in grays and blacks. The fiber has a nice weightiness and texture–I’d use it again for a shawl–very drapey. I made a 2 ply fingering weight yarn that I didn’t manage to photograph, and the shawl used about 900 yards of yarn-Ravelry details are here.







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