Tour de Fleece: Days 1-4

These were my travel days, but I still managed to accomplish a bit. I’ll need to buckle down in order to meet my goal of 6 pounds, tho.

Here’s Northbound Knitting Polwarth on Sea Monster ready to ply into a tight twist 3 ply sock yarn and about a third of a bobbin of flicked ecru Cormo locks, spun woolen. This fleece is dreamy to spin: silky, soft and crimpy. Buying a whole 4+ pound fleece, versus my normal mode of buying a pound or two raw of one, doesn’t seem crazy anymore…



Next up is Hello Yarn Tideline on Romney. I’ve been messing around with charting up a circular yoke sweater for this one, paired with a couple colors of nubbly Owl Tweet.

and 2 sheepy and nubbly Corriedale and silk noil batts from Fat Cat Knits that have been sitting in my stash for a few years. I’m going to spin these together, probably randomized, and they’ll get used in some stranded knitting. Maybe an Aunt Fred? Or I’ll write up something in a stitch pattern from Sheila MacGregor’s Traditional Scandinavian Knitting. It’s full of peerie and bold motifs and I’ve been spending a lot of time thumbing through the book fantasizing about sweaters and accessories.



How’s your TdF spinning going this year?

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