Tour de Fleece!

TdF is one of my favorite spinny times of year. I love the camaraderie and communal insanity of thousands of spinners spinning miles and miles of yarn in a short time period. This year I’m co-captaining the Northbound Knitting team and am spinning with team Hello Yarn/Spunky Eclectic/Southern Cross Fibres, team Majacraft, team Jenkins Turkish Spindles, and team PortFiber (my local spinning store in Portland–yay!). You should come join us! Goals are self determined so you can set ones that are achievable for you.

All my bobbins empty and I’m ready to get started spinning tomorrow! I’m traveling for the US holiday, headed to rural downeast Maine where i grew up, but I’m bringing my wheel and will find some time for drinking some of my dad’s homebrew and spinning outside while catching up with everybody.

Last year I spun 4.43 pounds of fiber up during the tour. This year I’ve set aside about 6 pounds. Crazy, but I’ll see how far I can get. A number of the spins are heavy-ish (for me, at least)–2 DK to worsted weight sweater spins, and a couple of singles spins I’ve been thinking about for awhile. So I’m curious to see what I manage to attain.

I’m bringing 2 fibers with me:

Northbound Knitting Sea Monsters on Polwarth, a 3 ply for socks. Aqua!

and some beautiful 25 micron Cormo fleece from a sheep named Zebbie. I got the fleece at a bit of a discount as it has some canary staining and I figured I’d just dye it, but it is sound and is spinning up an ecru color that I loved in my samples, so I may leave it undyed.

Zebbie’s fleece has been scoured since these pics, and I’m flicking the locks and spinning it long draw over the fold–creamy little butterflies of wool.

Cormo is one of my favorite fine wools to spin, and this fleece is such a treat to work with. The yarn will be for a design prototype–a big kimono that’ll hopefully be wearable both at home over PJs or out in the world. A cormono.



What are your Tour de Fleece plans??

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