As an intermediate-ish spinner, curious, opinionated & with a decent amount of breed experimenting under my belt, spinning up a wool breed I haven’t heard of is an event. I stalk it. What does the Internet have to say? What about The Sourcebook? The A Spinners’ Study group on Ravelry?

In the case of Dorper, no one had much to say. It’s a meat sheep, and a hair sheep. Robson and Ekarius say that “a dedicated and talented spinner may be able to spin some of the wool…” (emphasis mine–they’re so skeptical about Dorper that it’s only discussed in a sidebar in the book–)

But wait, now Louet is now raising Dorper for their wool in New Zealand, with some pretty spinner-friendly results.

It feels medium-ish. Versatile. Like a slightly shorter staple length Corriedale, but in milk chocolatey morrit medium brown. And it takes dye dramatically.

These are my samples from the May 2014 Spunky Eclectic fiber club–with bonus Rowantree pottery. I’ll never tire of taking pics of my wee duck–



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  1. What a gorgeous yarn! I have never heard of Dorper before but I love how it looks once spun.


  2. That was such a fun spin. Yours tuned out beautifully!


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