I’ve been following Countess Ablaze on instagram and Ravelry for awhile, but this is my first time spinning up any of her fibers–I love the smartgoth sensibility and branding–she’s doing a series based on The Twelve Caesars–unexpected and crazy fun in the fiber dyeing world.

Industrial is a custom blend of commercially dyed fibers: Shetland, tussah silk and black diamond bamboo (75 / 12.5 / 12.5). Spun up it’s both wooly and drapey–an elusive but favorite pairing of attributes for me in a lightweight yarn.

I made a light fingering weight 2 ply: about 475 yards of yarn with a finished weight of 96 grams. The color and texture play between the three fiber types–wooly and sheeny and glowy–makes me want to experiment with making some blends with fibers in my stash, and maybe some commercially dyed fibers, I wonder how ecru cormo would pair with DHG silk top carried at PortFiber






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  1. Gorgeous handspun. Countess Ablaze fiber is now in my wishlist.


  2. You did a great job photographing that. The industrial looking surface goes well with the colours. And the lighting is nice too. Well done spin with that lovely fibre 😉


  3. combospins are awesome!!! you should definitely do it. and i love this, it came out great, as per your usual.


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