New yarn for socks–a random 3ply in Discworld themed Hello Yarn fiber club SW BFL/nylon.
I love the crazy range of color intensity in splashy dyed top with lots of white space–









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  1. Oh my … that’s freaking gorgeous!! I’m a relatively new spinner in Boston. I’m *STUNNED* by how fine you got that. I’m struggling with getting things that fine with 2ply much less 3. Maybe I’m too impatient? Maybe a limitation of my Kiwi wheel?
    But BFL. How can you not love BFL?


    • thank you! BFL is the best–so shiny!

      Skinny 3 plies just takes practice to get your hands and brain used to drafting thin singles. I spin a lot of sock yarn and a 3 ply at between 350 and 540 yards/4 oz makes some of my favorite sock fabric. You’ll be able to do it with the faster whorl on your Kiwi (although a wheel with more ratios does makes it easier–I started out on spindles, then a Schacht ladybug–which was very similar ratio wise).


      • ::BRAIN CLICKS:: oh. my. GOD. I just realized. More ratios, like a bike with multiple gears. And suddenly I want to go check out what my options are for The Next Wheel… Until this conversation I couldn’t understand why you’d call a Kiwi a “starter” wheel.
        I am getting better at making sock weight 2 ply. I’m not up on my brand names and measurements… I have the luxury of living with a professional fibers person who tends to bring home all the finished and unfinished wool evar. I’m getting there.
        BTW: I found you via Tumblr saying “hey, you might like this person’s stuff” and the algorithm was right! However, I’ve not delved past this post to see what else you do and what you’re about. However, I’ll be stalking you in a friendly way from here on out.


      • NICE! Are you on Ravelry? Are you spinning for the Tour de Fleece this year? you should come join us!


  2. I am on Rav, but not like some. I have enough social media to keep on on to keep up there. However, I’ll look into the Tour de Fleece. [further meta sidenote: I find it hilarious that Tumblr posted a post from you from May as the enticement to follow you. Why not go with the latest? Algorithms are weeeird]


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