assembly line finishing–

Over the weekend I rounded up 3 nearly finished pair of socks and spent stolen bits of time knitting feet and toes. I love little bits of assembly line knitting like this–

Graft toe, weave in ends, repeat.

And magically, a bunch of new socks to wear.

After 2 lazy, coffee and bloody mary drinking, brunch going mornings of this, I have new socks. Socks 2, 3 & 3.5 in my effort to knit 30 pair of socks (60 socks total–I have a few more single socks that need mates–). They are:

2/30. Huron Mountain, pattern from Nancy Bush. In 2 colors of Sundara sock yarn (the discontinued stuff with what feels like a Gems Pearl Merino base)–Emerald over Charcoal and Jungle Boogie. So much deep green–

3/30. Handspun Dark and stripey socks. In natural grey Jacob and a 3 ply combospin of Humbug Finnish and Romney from Northbound Knitting and natural grey Shetland from Hello Yarn. These look a little worn in the pics as I haven’t taken them off much since I finished them up. They’re the perfect fit for wearing with my Wellies.

3.5/30. Cusp, pattern from Cookie A. In sock yarn from now out of business Fearless Fibers in Greed. One of the problems with knitting from deep stash–lots of discontinued wool. Ravelry tells me I knit the first sock in the summer of 2012, so I’m only counting the mate in my 30socks ledger. I’m so bad at second sock knitting, but I get to it eventually… These socks are really lightweight and springy–about 2 oz.

Are you knitting any socks right now? How are you feeling about them?


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