cobweb color craving

or–making the most of leftover fiber with fine spinning–
I’m happy to have this one off the needles! It was hogging 2 40 inch interchangeable cables and I’m keen to start some new projects. Ravelry deets are here.

Color Craving, by Stephen West. in handspun 2 ply cobweb-ish yarn: chartreuse BFL/silk, blue/green Polwarth, and natural medium brown Merino.

These are my finest yarns to date spun on the double geared high speed head and wee lace bobbins on my Majacraft Rose. The head makes a huge difference in how comfortable it is to spin large quantities of fine singles. Nearly 2,000 yards of 2 ply at 6,124 yards per pound came pretty easily. I’m plotting more and bigger fine spinning projects!


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  1. Recombinant DNA June 19, 2014 — 4:42 am

    Wow, this is absolutely stunning. I wish I could touch it. 🙂


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