Morticia (the shawl). or boohug denied–

I wrote this post for WIP Wednesday post last week, but got too cranky to finish it after I broke a second size 6 needle tip. From a different manufacturer. Defective, this time, rather than user error. I think it’s time to embark on some needle reviews that can handle my level of usage…any input would be appreciated!

I started boo knits Morticia along with the knitalong pack on Ravelry last fall and was sidelined by a broken needle tip and some resulting knitting surgery but am back on track months later. I managed to stand on my knitting, which was on the bed. I was playing ball with Dash–he sits at attention when you loom over him from on high and it’s adorable.

I love wearing long, crescent shaped shawls–I’ve knit a couple and wear them both constantly. They’re big and drapey and have pointy points–a versatile shape for wrapping around yourself. The active and friendly BooKnits group on Rav calls it a boo hug, which is fitting.

Tonight I’ll start chart C. I’ve knit the largest size as I like this shawl shape big–my Asunder is 106 inches by 30 inches after blocking and I’m guesstimating Morticia will end up roughly the same depth–maybe a bit longer?? It’s hard to tell.

The yarn is my handspun Shetland–a Platinum Gradient from Spunky Eclectic. It’s the nicest lace I’ve spun thus far–both in consistency and getting the ratios for spinning and plying right. Delicate and sturdy, with Shetland’s characteristic crispness.












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  1. ooh, wow! looks absolutely stunning! gorgeous gorgeous spinning, can’t wait to see more of this one 🙂


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