sweater diary: Drangey

Knitwear boundary pushing Ambassador of Swants and recipient of Anderson Cooper smirks Steven West’s patterns often end up in my must-spin-for queue.

Texture, scale, and color are used in ways that make my brain think handspun. And his patterns almost always use multiple yarns, which is handy. Reading Rav comments on his more recent patterns brings the California Uber Alles tendencies of the knitting world to light. I’m always up for controversy and West seems to, at least from a distance, have taken the bombardment for the publicity it is. And the positive comments from knitters and designers are amazing, and articulate many of the things I love about the knitting world.

My handspun Drangey is made science fiction-y from the spun silver Baby Gotland and the garter ridges.



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  1. I love it and Gotlad is one of my absolute favorite fibers. This is one beautiful sweater!


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