30socks 1/30 (and forward momentum)

1 pair finished

30socks_BentoBox-6 30socks_BentoBox-8 30socks_BentoBox-7 30socks_BentoBox-9

a little progress on Huron Mountain


And something dark and stripey. Does anyone have advice learning to knit and read at the same time?


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  1. I tend to find it easiest to read things on the laptop when I’m knitting – I can prop it on my lap, upright, and an easy height to see. If you want to read books or magazines, you need to sit at a table with the book etc spread in front of you, or even better use a book stand. A book stand is essential if you’re reading a paperback as otherwise it won’t stay open.

    It’s also much, much easier with small projects – if there’s a huge lump of knitting between you and what you’re reading, it’s hard work.


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