30socks–spring cleaning



Spring is for sock knitting.

That’s what my internal clock tells me.

A warm weekend (highs near 50 F!, but its back into the single digits again…) prompted me to do some stash turning and organizing.

Sock appropriate yarns have been identified–both commercial and handspun. I filled up my Rav queue with sock patterns. Unloved WIPs are getting frogged, reskeined and washed. Unloved yarns are going to new homes. There might even be some second sock knitting in progress…

I’m organizing a little self-imposed sock club. 30 pair of socks from the stash, for me and for others, in 2014. For handspun, only yarn that’s already spun as of today will count.

Originally I was thinking I’d knit 30 pair of plainsocks, but I’ve amended the concept to 30 pair of not too crazy socks.

My first 2 WIPs:


Plainsocks with a Welsh Heel and Star Toe (heel and toe from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks) in sKnitches BeBop Sock (75% wool/25% nylon polyamide and probably discontinued as it’s not listed on the sKnitches site anymore), in Bento Box. This is (obviously) a variegated yarn, and I’m embracing the crazy pooling.



Huron Mountain, from Nancy Bush’s Knitting on the Road. In Sundara Yarn’s (old version/putup) Sock Yarn in Emerald over Charcoal and Jungle Boogie. I’ve had this sock pattern queued forever.

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