A partial frog

Autumn Rose Frogged!

My Fair Isle/stranded knitting obsession began in 2007, with Eunny Jang’s Autumn Rose.

I mean, I loved fair isle sweaters in theory. The vintagey feel of them. But it hadn’t occurred to me that I could knit one for myself, until Autumn Rose.

Eunny’s pattern was the darling of the knitting world, with its fall foliage colors and modern, girly fit. I loved it so much I ordered the pricey pattern book knowing I’d only knit the one sweater from it, and a yarn pack of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift from Camilla Valley Farm. The pattern was so popular that Old Gold, one of the main colors, was backordered for a whole bunch of months. I was very impatient.

I made it a bit further than this blurry WIP pic. I have no idea why my pants are lying on the floor.

ravelry_4 034

I rationalized my way through the first sleeve and about half of the second before I accepted that I’d made too many mistakes to end up with a sweater I’d be happy wearing. That duplicate stitch pattern repairs would probably take longer than reknitting. And that my yarn dominance was all over the place.

So I stuffed in a closet.

Stranded knitting stuck with me and is a favorite in my growing design practice, tho. The sweater quantity of Spindrift eventually comingled with my Fair Isle-appropriate yarn collection; joined by BT Loft, Jamieson and Smith yarns, and Alice Starmore’s Hebridean 2 ply yarns, and the much missed Rowan Harris Tweed/Scottish Tweed. The colors were insane. I have a stash of Sunset in 4 ply that I stare at on occasion.

During the three days I was snowed in under over 30 inches of snow during winter storm Nemo I took stock of my WIPs. I’d still like to finish Autumn Rose.

I used most of the Natural Black to knit the ladies on my Paper Dolls. Some of the subtle greenish yellow Pistashio was used in swatches. I’ll sub some BT Loft in Cast Iron for the natural Black spindrift; but, overall, I think I still have enough yarn to knit the sweater. And if I don’t I can probably source more easily on Ravelry–I bet lots of people who planned on knitting this sweater didn’t finish it.

Autumn Rose Frogged!

So I frogged. But not completely. I kept the corrugated ribbing and the first band of peerie patterns on the body. They look fine. Pretty tidy, in fact.

Autumn rose detail

The fit that felt so modern in 2007 feels a bit dated to me now. Or maybe my tastes skew a bit more tomboyish these days. I’m keeping the extreme waist shaping. I lengthened the sweater, knitting the smallest size in the longest length (I planned to do this originally, so I’m just keeping in line with what I’d already knit…).

I’m going to keep the raglan and shoulder shaping, but am going to change the deep scoop neck to a narrow crewneck. Maybe with a steeked slit and button in the back. I haven’t decided. I’m also knitting long sleeves rather than short. I probably will need more yarn–

Autumn Rose post-frog

I managed to get a lot of knitting on the body done during the storm. It’s much faster the second time around. My stitches are a bit sloppier looking pre-blocking because of the frogged yarn. But it’ll be fine. I’ve been through this before.

I kind of love all the tiny, wavy balls of frogged yarn.
Autumn Rose Frogged

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  1. What a beautiful sweater. When I first started reading this I was afraid you had frogged it all. So glad you didn’t. It is gorgeous!


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