Black sheep to sweater

Fleece to Sweater Holl

A journey that began with a couple pounds of greasy fleece.


Black cormo. The color of good dark chocolate. Like the Mast Bros. Almond and Sea Salt bar I’m supplementing my breakfast with.


And ended with a sweater that I haven’t taken off much. A soft and slouchy wardrobe staple. Ravelled here

I learned many new skills:

scouring fleece without felting it,


using hand combs to make nests of combed top,


sampling for and spinning a consistent yarn (I did make it easy for myself and chose an airy, forgiving 3 ply),



having all the sampling and obsessing over consistency actually work out, and

Handspun black cormo


the relaxing luxury of knitting a thoughtful, simple pattern, Kirsten Johnstone’s Holl from Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People vol. 1 in my own yarn.

Holl wasn’t boring, but it was intuitive and portable enough to knit in bars, while out for coffee, and during the sleepy movie watching time before bed–

And I love the batwing dolmans.

Fleece to sweater Holl

At the beginning of this process, I thought a sheep to sweater project was something I’d do once, for the experience. Right now, I’m in the spinning and planning stages of my second.

I’m working up the design myself, this time.
From Astrid’s lamb fleece. It’s both soft and spun silver-y.
She’s a Pennsylvania-raised Gotland.


I’ll keep you posted!

Gotland Lamb--Astrid's Fleece

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